Adorably quirky fit nerd, in search of some mischief!

So who is “Jessica Perry”? I’m a bookish nerd and currently competing athlete, balancing a frenetic Manhattan with a lifelong passion for nature. I have a career and hobbies I thoroughly enjoy, but alas! I’m usually trapped behind a computer screen for most of the day. Of course, I do crave diverse company… I admire people who are intelligent, creative, kind, funny, or surprisingly unique… and, I am fascinated by those who are different from myself, in some way – whether it be culturally, professionally, or perhaps in terms of knowledge or lifestyle. So that’s what brings me here – the prospect of warmth, intrigue, being touched by a different person’s experiences… perhaps not so unlike you.

Physically, I’m a tall, toned, light-eyed brunette, considered a great beauty by friends and family. This time of year (summertime), I have shiny brown hair with natural sunstreaks resulting from many hours spent outdoors. I enjoy sailing, cycling, skiing, hiking, and jogging, and keep in excellent shape.

As for my personality, I’m generally kind, always lighthearted and smiling. An inveterate tomboy, I can be a bit clumsy at times, to the amusement of my friends. My style is very all-natural – you will find me neither superficial nor materialistic – but I do appreciate high quality in fashion as well as everything else, and take pride in looking very smartly-dressed at any function. Just don’t expect me to have 100 different pairs of shoes and a different nail color to match each ensemble 😉

If, after reading the above, you think that we might have a good time together, please contact me. I am sure that I will be very happy to hear from you.

Have a lovely day, Jessica Perry.

Gender: Female

Age: 35-39

Eye Color: Grey Eyes
Body Type: Athletic
Hair Length: Long Hair
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Hair Color: Blonde

BA in a liberal arts field, work experience in tech


Certifiably sexy 🙂

Interesting Facts About Yourself

A fairly serious former competitive athlete, I still work out daily and do races in the summertime.

Your Passions and Interests

Avid reader, passionate devotee of the arts (particularly the visual arts), classical music, and jazz. I’m fascinated with all aspects of nature and natural science, especially botany (trees) and insects! I will refuse to kill a spider that’s found its way into my home.