Enthusiast / Hobbyist Application

Welcome to Mature Sensual!  We look forward to having you join our network of verified clients and companions.  Please complete the following pages to submit a new Client Application for a Mature Sensual membership.


Protecting your information is very important to us and is critical to the success of our business. Therefore, all Registration Forms have been set up in a secure location to encrypt the data that is submitted to us. Any real life information that may be collected during the initial verification process is deleted and destroyed once your account is activated.

Mature Sensual Enthusiast Membership

If you have two verifiable references from P411 companions or The Erotic Review or Mature Sensual Paramours you are eligible for a Mature Sensual Enthusiast membership.

The registration fee for Mature Sensual is $99.00 USD and includes 6 months of membership.

After that, renewals are yearly ($149.00), 6 month ($99.00), 3 month ($69.00) or 1 month ($49.00).

We have a manual payment process which accepts credit cards (international transaction).

We do not do automatic renewals or recurring charges. When your account expires it will remain in a dormant status unless you choose to renew it.

Mature Sensual Enthusiast Application Requirements

Applications are accepted from clients with two verifiable references from well established P411, The Erotic Review & Mature Sensual paramours (companions).

A reference can only be given by a companion with whom you have had at one on one meeting. Any indication that references are being requested in a fraudulent manner will result in the permanent denial of membership. A companion is never obligated to give a reference, they are given according to your conduct as a client.

If you are ready to proceed with two companion references, please complete this application in its entirety.

We keep only your client id and email address on file once your account is approved, this ensures the safety and comfort of us all!

Mature Sensual User Policy

Mature Sensual offers clients a discreet and efficient way to collect, store, manage and share their profile and references (called Okays). Mature Sensual is a tool used by many companions to help in the screening process, and companions are encouraged to do as much additional screening as they feel is necessary to protect themselves from harm.

We reserve the right to revoke any membership for any reason, at any time. Any membership that is revoked or canceled for any reason is not due a refund.