Watch this first

Master Persuader! Welcome!! 

This is the ultimate, scratch that the ONLY solution in Online Persuasion and I am so excited to have you. Our number 1 goal now is to outwit the algorithmic brain, outsmart the logical brain and out-charm the emotional brain. This is our quest, and I will make sure it happens. 

Watch the video above for FULL details on the course and how we work, the short (ish) version is here for you.

**How it Works**

Right away you have instant access to the prep course “Hybrid Brain Revolution”, watch this first there are specifics you can implement in your online business right away.

I have divided the database into different themes which we will work through in the coming weeks. First up is offers, because let’s be honest if the offer is great, everything else works! 

Something you should know about how the content is given to you. We will unlock a new part every week and you cannot progress to the next lecture until you have completed the one you are on.

The course is about mastery, we want you to become a master and that doesn’t happen by skipping all over the place!

Now, go and join the Facebook Group here using the password “I am a neuro nerd” 

Here is the link to the spreadsheet where you can leave your content for teardowns. 

**Achievement Bonuses**

These are super cool bonuses which you get access to when you progress past a certain point…watch out for them!


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