When linking to your own site in your ad posts,  your site must have either the REVIEWED AT Mature Sensual emblem / link or a Mature Sensual banner. This is also required for your link to ISO if using your personal website.

  • The emblem or banner MUST link back to Mature Sensual when clicked on.
  • The emblem or banner should be located on either the first page of your site or the “main” page of your site. It should be viewable in a 1280×800 screen without scrolling. The enter/exit page, if a popup window, is not the main page. If you are linking to a different page on your ad, that page needs the Logo also.
  • The emblem or banner should be easily located when someone is looking at your page. Do not hide it or list it far down on the page.
  • The emblem or banner needs to be full size and unaltered.
COPY and upload one of our banners to your website, then link it to the following url: