Step into the light and bring your dreams!


Greetings, My name is Valentine. 

Ladies, you came here looking, not sure of what. Too mature to play the bar and too young to sit.

Come discover intimacy, find new friends and learn a few tricks that will shift your perspective on what is possible when you choose to share intimate time with another.

Intimacy coaching is a doorway to a whole new way to see and feel the world. Learn touch, your voice, the power of “No” and the excitement of “Yes”

Explore what makes you feel alive, release triggers and accept the scars that make you, beautiful you.

Intimacy Coaching is like inviting a chef into your kitchen. They ignite your passion for food with the tools and ingredients at your fingertips. When they go you look at your kitchen with a new sense of wonder.

Come and see what your Valentine can do for you!

Gender: Male

Age: 45-49

Eye Color: Other
Body Type: Athletic
Hair Length: Short Hair
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Hair Color: Brunette
Graduate Degrees

Engineering, Geology, Chemistry


Intimacy Coach

Certified Elysium® and Bondassage® practitioner

Holistic Chi Kung Massage

Interesting Facts

Have a legendary list of hobbies

Passion & Interests

Exploring, Foodie, Outdoors, Live music, Theater, Improv, Dog Training