Authentic Taoist Tantric Massage For Women

“Every woman is a goddess, and it is her birthright to be connected to her divine feminine”

Dear Women, I am Tuktu Spirit and I offer authentic taoist tantric massage sessions that provide relaxation and rejuvenation to enable you, as a woman, to connect to your divine feminine. These sessions are no ordinary FBSM – they are a unique combination of healing modalities and include Taoist massage, energy healing, reiki, breath work, meditation, and sensual tantric elements. The sessions are specifically tailored to your individual needs and comfort level. They are relaxing, energizing, and healing – you will feel yummy after just one session.

I am privileged to have learned from three very wise female healers, and I am honored to offer these practices to you. The experience will gently ignite your energies, relax as well as recharge and invigorate you. Together, we will stimulate all the energies in your body and promote their natural flow, releasing stress, relieving tension, and welcoming bliss. You will feel great. You will feel relaxed. You will feel invigorated. It’s a great massage and a wonderful pampering experience.

Come get your goddess on with an authentic daka!!

Tuktu Spirit


Gender: Male

Age: 55-59


Body Type: Average

Ethnic Background: Caucasian

Eye Color: Brown Eyes

Hair Length: Short Hair

Hair Color: Brown


Interests Education

Trained in massage, energy healing, reiki,

Trained in Taoist practices, Taoist tantric massage, inner alchemy, hindu tantrism, buddhism, meditation, and yoga

Traditional education in science and engineering


Advanced Degrees

PhD Physics



Daka and lineage holder:  The Path Eternal

Reiki II certified


Interesting Facts about Yourself

My formal education is in science and engineering. My interests vary widely, from music and the arts, to technology, from cooking to woodworking, from writing to nature and the outdoors – to quote Robert A. Heinlein, “specialization is for insects”. In my mid-twenties, I was introduced to the work of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and Alan Watts. Reading their material and listening to their lectures ignited a spiritual interest, and planted it firmly in my psyche.

Years later, I began a exploring practices for awakening the energy and the spirit in the body. That path led me to study with tantric masters, dakinis, gurus and witchy women, deeply exploring ancient practices of awakening – practices that embrace sensuality, rather than shun it. Taoist and Hindu tantrism, ancient Gnostic and early Christian practices, Shamanism, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, all became part of me and my practice… eventually mastering the taoist tantric techniques that I offer in my sessions.

Your Passions and Interests

My passions and interests are broad – a bit of a Renaissance man, I suppose. I love to spend as much time as I can in nature traipsing through the wilderness, or foraging mushrooms and wild foods, or enjoying the solitude and quiet of a mountain cabin. I have an eclectic musical taste, and love to create – cooking food, writing stories, crafting rustic furniture. I’m fascinated by anything hand crafted, original, funky, and unique.