If you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much space! Certified Bondassage Practitioner. ProDomme – San Diego


My name is Goddess Styx, and I am a petite, mature, sensual & sadistic Dominatrix based in San Diego.

I will push your boundaries: subtly, delicately, deviously, or brutally, as required. I am versatile, an excellent judge of character, adaptable, and able to read and respond to a situation in an instant.

I can be wicked and cruel, or erotic and sensual. Sessions may range from the lighter end of domination, including ‘tie and tease’, role-play, humiliation, or foot and leg worship, the other side CBT, corporal punishment, Strap-on Training both Mild and Severe.

You’ll feel secure in my presence, yet on edge from the tease of my hand. You will burn from my searing glance of displeasure, but bask in the glow of a well-earned smile that accompanies my softly spoken “good boy” as you kneel and worship at my feet.

Do you yearn to serve, obey and honor a truly dominant, beautiful woman who will have her wicked way with you?

I can be ruthlessly sadistic, yet artful and sensitive, as I administer pain and humiliation. I’m the taunting seductress who knows just how to use your desires for My own personal amusement.

I delight in my own splendid physicality. If you are lucky and deemed worthy, I may let you worship the lush body you ultimately can’t have.

I encourage newcomers to peruse my website bravely. Keep in mind long-held fantasies while you open your mind to other kinks that sound potentially intriguing and, perhaps, scary. Don’t be afraid to be honest with Me. It is my pleasure to stretch and push you to places you may have never considered before.

I have an intimate, clean & private incall as an alternative for those not ready for the full-on dungeon experience. Be prepared to be screened, I only accept respectful & obedient clients.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Goddess Styx

Gender: Female

Age: 45-49

Eye Color: Brown
Body Type: Petite
Hair Length: Long Hair
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Hair Color: Brunette