Christina O is a Certified Bondassage and Urban Tantra Practitioner who finds tremendous delight in taking you on a sensual journey like you have never experienced before.

Hi I’m Christina O and at 41, I’m a woman in my prime and power. Experienced, confident, fearless,  well-educated & in control.

I’ve been a practitioner since my 20s and I’ve only gotten better, like a fine wine. I’ve never felt hotter in my life. I’m at this gorgeous moment where I still feel wild and girlish & also am a full on woman whose fully comfortable with anything she desires and with playing with power and confident sensual exploration. I have a womanly appetite and the confidence to handle your hunger with true skill and enjoyment.

Through Bondassage I create an environment where you will truly feel transported. I’m small-town gal whose happiest in the bright lights of New York City. I have an enthusiastic, playful, nurturing spirit that is perfect for facilitating your sensual adventure.

Explore the rich terrain of your inner world. Darkness here means rich, just beyond the edges of our known self. It’s about diving into this play to expand who you are. I bring this understanding to all our play that these explorations are great for total true wellness and happiness.

As a lifelong student of psychology, I have an appreciative intelligence of role-play and a true talent for it. Bringing Tantric practices of sensual breath-work, wakefulness, and ritual into this play gives it a deeper sensuality and resonance, as well as supporting an intimate, kind environment, even in the most intense play.

Gender: Female

Age: 40-44

Eye Color: Blue Eyes
Body Type: Curvy
Hair Length: Medium Length Hair
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Hair Color: Blonde

New School University
Naropa University


Certified Urban Tantra Practitioner
Certified Bondassage Practitioner

Interesting Facts About Yourself

I used to be a Professional Modern Dancer and still am full of incredible moves
I’m a great cook
I love sci-fi & fantasy erotica
I’m incredible at role-play
I’m a full-bodied woman with great curves
I love watching female wrestling
My favorite film of all time is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Your Passions and Interests

I’m a voracious reader. I’m a passionate cinephile. I love animals and nature. I absolutely love comedy and you must have a sense of humor for me to like you.

My favorite kinds of days are voraciously reading while tucked into a quiet spot with a glass of wine, or exploring a wing of the Met, or taking myself on a date through a new part of NYC-enjoying shops, eats, and cultural gems, or rocking out at an IDLES concert.


NYC, Manhattan

Mature Sensual - Verified Member