Calling all Pleasure Seekers

Ally Mature Tantra Adelaide, Sensual Kink Adelaide

My name is Ally and with my Tantra Pleasure Experience, I inspire, heal and teach men, women and couples about Tantra through full body massage, visualisation and easy tantric exercises.

In receiving your Sensual Erotic Massage – a full body pleasuring you can float away, enjoy your euphoric Tantric Orgasms, and come back safely, to feel relaxed and yet energised.

During your Sacred Tantra massage, Lingam massage, I help men learn how to control your orgasm, erection and ejaculation, and move your sexual energy around your body. My 6 pack Tantra program is recommended.

For women, feel safe to surrender to being pampered with a Sensual Massage or Yoni Massage, trust yourself to be vulnerable, tune into your feminine energy and relax into your joy and bliss. My 3 session ESSENCE individually designed program for women are one-to-one, a combination of personal coaching, tantra massage, tantra breathing and exercises which can help you remove blocks, relax, and tune into your self and learn how to move your energy through your body.

My Bondassage sessions gently and safely introduce you to Bondage and Discipline as you are tied to the massage table, and alternately massaged and stimulated, with sensory deprivation you surrender to the waves of pleasure – not knowing what will come next…

I will help you feel safe in my magic hands, surrender to the pleasure, to trust yourself to be vulnerable.

Based in Adelaide, Australia, I regularly travel to other centres in Australia – Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Sydney, Newcastle, Rockhampton.

I offer education, coaching, and professional training to individuals, couples, masseuses, masseurs, bodyworkers, and other people who wish to learn or explore Tantra and sacred sexuality.

I am available in Adelaide on Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm. (sometimes evenings and weekends). You can phone or SMS to make your booking between 9am and 7pm.

Afterwards, booking requests may be made by phone, email or SMS

Gender: Female

Age: 50-54


Body Type: Average, Busty

Ethnic Background: Caucasian

Eye Color: Green Eyes

Hair Length: Shoulder Length Hair

Hair Color: Auburn


Tantra Pleasure Experience, Tantra Sensual Massage
Kahuna massage,
Bondassage® and Elysium®
Graduate of Barbara Carrellas’ Urban Tantra® for Professionals program.
Personal Development
Inner Peace Movement
NLP Practitioner and Trainer

Graduate Degrees:

Avatar Master and Wizard




Urban Tantra®

Inner Peace Movement Spiritual Counsellor

NLP Practitioner and Trainer with Christopher Howard


Cranio Sacral Therapy

Interesting Facts About Me:

I am a Trainer with the Tantra Training Academy, and have trained 13 people in my system of Tantra Massage around Australia.

I presented at the Sex and Consciousness Conference in New Zealand in 2013

I enjoy the Love Intimacy and Sexuality Workshops of the Human Awareness Institute, having experienced many of their workshops in Australia and USA.

Ally’s book “What Men and Women Really Want” 6 Tantric Love Secrets” was published in 2017. This is an update of her ebook  “What Women Really Want: 6 Tantric Techniques for Men and Couples” and now has illustrations and photos included. To order copies of the paperback see

I am SapioSexual and bisexual.

Wish List… Fine dining (except chili), Champagne. Orchids, roses and native Australian flowers. Beautiful music. Thought-provoking books. A beautiful spacious home to live in. 1st Class trip around the world. Holidays to Bali, Greek Islands, Italy, Europe, South America, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan. Explore the whole world with a fun partner.

My Passions and Interests:

I am passionate about teaching men women and couples about Tantra and Sacred Sexuality and how to love themselves.

I enjoy teaching men about control, women how to feel safe to be vulnerable and couples how to connect with each other on different levels.

I enjoy dancing, music, cooking, reading and writing, exploring and travelling, pleasuring you until your eyes roll up into your head, hugging kissing and cuddling.